“from a Service Users Perspective Critically Evaluate an Aspect of Adult Community Care Services”

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In this essay I want to carefully examine a broad range of issues concerning elderly people in contemporary British society today. In particular I will want to focus on Residential homes and Older People in Community Care services. I will define residential homes and explain how they have become established from the Poor Law workhouses until present day. I will also discuss relevant government legislation with the viewpoints of older people’s pressure groups and the service users who use residential homes. I will try and suggest changes that could be made in social policy that could help advantage retired and elderly people in this the twenty-first century. There are two types of homes for older people in contemporary society,…show more content…
It reflected on the sufferings of older people in the environment and restrictive regime of the workhouse. The Minister of that time then introduced 1947 National Assistance Bill. The workhouses were then closed down and the residential homes were established, as residential homes could meet the needs of older people in a better way and it was more beneficial for them. (Peace et al 1997). Care homes should provide a quality of service meeting the needs of the residents as in a normal setting. However, the institutionalised nature of the care has many negative impacts on the residents’ as they perceive it is as negative form of care and a service denying independence, autonomy, privacy, power and other principle of human rights. Elderly are abused and neglected in some care homes while large proportions of staff caring for them are untrained and incompetent in caring. Funding for elderly care is major issue, on one extreme elderly are being forced to pay for care and on the other local authorities struggle to manage service within their budget.# A good definition of community care can be found in the 1989 White Paper on community care, Caring for People, which stated that “community care means providing the right level of intervention and support to enable people to achieve maximum independence and control over their own lives. For this aim to become a reality, the development of a wide range of services
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