gender socialization

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Gender: Forced Upon American Society Growing up, many Americans ' childhood consisted of playing tag outside, having cooties, and experimenting with as many toys as possible. Hundreds of thousands of toys flood kid stores such as Toys R ' Us, Baby Depot, and KB toys. With imagination, kids are able to become doctors, presidents, and princesses during the contents of one day. Television shows such as Barney or Blues Clues encourage having such imagination, thus inspiring kids to want to become one of the many options stores can transform them into. Walking into a regular toy store, people generally do not dissect the sexism that lays within the aisles, however, when walking in specifically to compare and contrast boys and girls toys…show more content…
In an interview US Weekly, the actress claims "She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys ' everything. She thinks she 's one of the brothers." This is a prime example of going against society, and allowing kids to grow up independent and intellectually choosing who they want to be regardless what of peers, religion, and society may conclude. Although I too was raised this way, I am now aware that being forced to be part of a certain group because of something that you where born with is simply immoral. I, like most of the people I am surrounded by, have fallen victim of being forced to be a gender, and if future generations can pin point this issue that has gone to far, our future kids will be able to express themselves in a manner in which they feel liberated, and no longer deemed to be accepted by society.

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Angelina Jolie 's daughter Shiloh, often confused for a boy.

Blue and green and dominant colors in the boys aisles.

You and me, Referring to the baby doll and the child buying it. Pink is forced upon girls, and seeing a boy engaging in these aisles has been
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