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Have you ever heard a song once and was never able to get the tune out of your head no matter how hard you tried? I know that has happened to me on several occasions. Whether we enjoy the songs or not, there is something about music within popular culture that drives the American public wild. Sadly, for quite sometime the music industry was largely closed off to women. Of course there were obvious exceptions to this, since talented female artists have existed through the ages, but on the whole there were not many female artists that got a lot of airplay and certainly none were considered significantly influential in the music industry.
Recently the United States has begun to experience a women’s musical renaissance. Women’s roles in pop …show more content…

Not surprisingly, Madonna has set many of the standards for music videos, and has had over 10 number one singles (Madonna fan club n. pag.). At the time Madonna first arrived on the scene there hadn’t been a strong female icon in music since Billie Holiday. Like Holiday, Madonna turned heads with her sexy attitude and approach to life, love, and sex. Think what you might about her musical talent, she pushed the power of female sexuality to the forefront of the public eye, taking it so far as to present her sexual manifesto in a self-published soft core pornography book, entitled "Sex".

Anyone who has done the math can figure out that Madonna's days as an active sexual icon are becoming numbered; add to that her relatively new role as responsible mother, and you now see a new, cleaned up version of Madonna emerging to take her through the next decade.
The current generation just seems so weak compared to the gains made up until Madonna. don't constitute great jumps in feminine power, they are wonderful examples of the natural freedom that Madonna inspired in the generation that watched her on MTV between cartoons.

Although Brittany Spears and Madonna made very different career choices, aspects of their lives and influence are very similar. Both artists moved to New York at a very young age and performed at small clubs and bars. Another thing

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