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“Raising the Bar”
Cingular, one of the nation’s largest wireless phone providers recently announced its forty-one billion dollar purchase of AT&T wireless. The deal took place on October 26, 2004. The merge of these two major corporations opened the doors for change.
AT&T encountered some difficulties within the past year that brought up the question to sell the company. AT&T struggled to add new subscribers because of a glitch in their new software system. The system was designed to improve customer service but instead it caused more problems for the company as well as its customers. The company also faced problems losing more customers than they were gaining due to new federal rules and …show more content…

The existing Cingular employees will need to communicate clearly with the AT&T representatives and ensure that there are no questions remaining. If there is any confusion problems could arise. For example, if the current Cingular representatives do not clearly explain the current wireless plans Cingular offers, then the AT&T representatives might falsely inform the customers. This would lead to irate customers who might choose to take their business elsewhere. The merge will also empower existing Cingular employees. Management will have so much work on their hands that they will not have time to worry about and deal with every single problem that arises with the new employees as well as the customers. In the text Management by Richard Daft, Empowerment means “unleashing the power and creativity of employees by giving them the freedom, resources, information and skills to make decisions, while empowerment expands their behavior”(Daft 56). This will create better customer service. Instead of having to wait on managers to solve problems the employees can solve them, speeding up the problem solving process.
Along with advantages come disadvantages. The consolidation of the two corporations brings an end to the decreased prices that users enjoy as a product of intense competition. It would also lead to major layoffs as well as management changes. John Zeglis the chief executive officer (CEO) of AT&T recently told reporters that

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