Management Roles Paper

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Management Roles paper
Jason Fair
University of Phoenix
Kim Hinton
December 17th, 2011

Management roles are different in each organization depending on the size of the organization. The following paper will discuss the management roles in a business with less than 50 employees and a business with more than 500 employees. A brief overview of each organization will be given along with a description of the hierarchical organization of each. Why or why not the hierarchical organization of each business works or not will also be discussed and the IT function of each business. Management roles in a business with less than 50 employees have the same functions as a manager in a business with more than 500 employees; …show more content…

The employee turnover ratio is less and overall work is at a more manageable level. The IT function of a 7-eleven store would consist of connection of hardware and software, networking, and maintenance. A business with more than 500 employees poses more of a challenge to be successful and profitable. The business I chose with more than 500 employees is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart stores are located all over the United States and is a retail store that specializes in everything from groceries to new car tires. The hierarchical organization of Wal-Mart stores from top-down on a store level would be: Store Manager, Assistant Managers, Department Managers, Team Leader, and Store associate. (Walmart Corporate, 2011). The hierarchical organization for Wal-Mart does not work in my opinion, because of the high turnover rate of employees working for this organization. I previously was employed by Wal-Mart and lasted three years. In those three years it was almost like a revolving door of employees getting hired and fired by the company, management included. Although Wal-Mart is one of the most successful retail store chains in the world, in order to climb the corporate ladder and maintain is a very hard job to do. The IT function for Wal-Mart is a very tedious one including networking, technical support, installation of hardware and software, training, and maintenance of web sites. With stores all over the

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