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Amy Chua Stereotypes Parenting What makes a child excel? Amy Chua, in her work “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”, writes to inform her readers that Chinese parents raise successful children because they are stricter than typical Western parents. She states that Asian parents hold higher standards, that Asian parents are more direct and even caustic in their reprimanding of their offspring, and that the Chinese believe children owe their parents everything is the cause of these differences. However, Chua greatly oversimplifies the issue of parenting, stereotyping both the Chinese and Western cultures, and she does not address the negative consequences of the Chinese parenting perspective.

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By stating that Western mothers believe that “stressing academic success is not good for children”, she assumes that all Western mothers feel this way, which is certainly not the case. (Chua 53) She also commits the logical fallacy Ad Populum; Chua states that 70% of Western mothers agree with the above statement; yet, she refers to this majority statistic without detailing the study to which she refers, so the statistic cannot be verified. Chua utilizes hasty generalizations when she employs stereotyping to compartmentalize cultural approaches to parenting, even though she herself admits that she knows “some Korean, Indian, Jamaican, Irish and Ghanaian parents” who use the Chinese method of parenting, and that she also knows mothers of Chinese heritage who are not “Chinese mothers”. (Chua 53) She also does not discuss possible negative consequences of parenting in the Chinese style (such as lowered interpersonal communications skills, critical thinking skills, and common sense), creating a false dichotomy. As a parent, I believe that I am responsible for making sure my child grows to be a well-educated, well rounded, fully functioning member of society. If they excelled only in academics, chased only the dreams deemed appropriate to me, blankly accepted all authority figures and their decisions as being worthy, or did not participate in any social activity, I feel that I would not be fulfilling my responsibility to my child. As an instructor, academic

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