Sparknotes vs. CliffsNotes: Analysis of 'The Great Gatsby'

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Bryan Lietz
English 3
Ms. Lindstrom Sparknotes and Cliffnotes both assist a reader and can help students interpret literature at a more in depth level, and help improve understanding the literary elements, character developments, and plot development that a author uses to help create the story. Both sites provide similar information, ranging from overall plot summaries and character analysis, but Sparknotes goes more into the literary aspect of the book, while cliffnotes focuses more on the character and his motives. In analyzing Jay Gatsby, Cliffnotes focuses much more on Gatsby himself and his underlying motives to his character, like “In assessing Gatsby, one must examine his blind pursuit of Daisy.” (Cliffnotes).
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Sparknotes was also easier to follow and provided a good background to the book, while Cliffnotes contains better information for someone who already has a basic understanding of the book and needs specifics. Maybe the most glaring difference between Sparknotes and Cliffnotes is Sparknotes contains a themes and motifs section while Cliffnotes does not. The fact Cliffnotes does not contain a theme and motif section hampers the site considerably. What Cliffnotes offers instead
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