the Expansion of Ancient Egypt and Its Historical  Significance 

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The Expansion of Ancient Egypt and Its Historical Significance Introduction The external expansion of Ancient Egypt, traditionally, consisted of two areas: Libya on the north, especially Palestine and Syria; Nubia on the south. What Egypt imposed on Nubia was the colonial rule, while its control of Palestine and Syria was loose. Egypt’s penetration to Nubia and West Asia could be divided into two stages, the Old Kingdom period and the Middle Kingdom period. The contact between Egypt and the region was limited to trade exchanges and sporadic military conflict. However, in the New Kingdom period, because of the increasing of the royal power and the strengthening of…show more content…
The author of Biography said that: "I conveyed King Djeserkare; I brought back two female slaves... ...” 3 There is a little record in Pharaoh Thutmose era about the conquest of Nubia, and the most 1 2

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important thing is the granite stone, standing on the cliff of the mountain Gebel Barkal, in the 4th waterfall of the Nile, which indicates that before his death, the Egyptians had expanded so far to Kush, and established the fortress city in Napata. As can be seen from the above facts, Egypt’s control over Nubia has transformed from the initial trade relationship4 to the direct military control, and established a similar administrative system there, making the Nubia Egyptianized thoroughly. Part Two, the Expansion of Ancient Egypt in Western Asia Egypt’s expansion in Western
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