the risk and possible consequences for children and young people using the internet, mobile phones and other technologies

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Learning outcome 1. 1.1 Identify the current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures of safeguarding the welfare of children and young people The guideline, legislation and policies to safeguard children and young people are as follows; United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 The Children Act 1989 Children Act 2004 Education Act 201 Health and safety Act 1974 Guide for Children 's Services on the Equality Act 2010 These laws and policies a put in place to protect children and young people’s health and also their wellbeing, for example the Health and Safety Act of 1974 are in place to make sure that the environment where children and young…show more content…
There may also be other safeguarding issues that are specific to the local area or population- Learning outcome 2.1 Below changed from bullets to numbers as requested The sign and symptom of common illnesses of childhood illnesses are; 1. Look pale 2. Appear more tired 3. Irritable 4. Have dark rings around eyes 5. Has lost their appetite 6. Looks flush etc. Learning outcome 2.2 Describe the actions to take when children or young people are ill or injured Young people and children may have some kind of illnesses or suffer injuries at some time while in school and this could be serious or of minor nature. Dealing with minor incidents or illnesses may require completely approach than when dealing with major ones. Actions For dealing with minor illness or injuries When dealing with illness or injuries that are of a minor nature, as a teacher or teacher assistant, in most case those kids or young people would remain in school, for example minor injuries like, minor cuts, ruses and abrasions. Actions for dealing with major illness or injuries These types of injuries or illnesses in most cases call for urgent medical attention. It’s important that as a teacher assistant to identify the symptoms and circumstances to request urgent medical attention. For example of emergency situations are; Catastrophic bleeding Unconsciousness Choking Breathing difficulties
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