the theme of subalternity in mahasweta devi's Rudali

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The theme of subalternity in mahaswethadevi’s Rudali Mahaswetha Devi was born in 1926 in Dhaka, in a privileged middle-class Bengali family. She is an extraordinary woman who has written and fought for the marginalized tirelessly for the past six decades. she is a culmination of an activist and a writer working for the betterment of subaltern in her own way of protesting against the atrocities on down trodden by the main stream society. Mahaswetha Devi’s literary oeuvre comprises stories around contemporary social and political realities, a majority of which span a reasonably free time range in independent India, and are located in fictitious or real settings. Before going to trace the theme of subalternity which is prevailing in…show more content…
Nor could she cry,she would sit ,stunned;then fell in to exhausted slumber.(Rudali p.80) With the co-operation given by Dulan’s wife in bringing up Horoa by letting him drink milk from Dhatua’s wife and sharing means shows the way subaltern shares the owes of other subaltern.The bondage and relationship between subalterns in this community is shown better than the ruling elite. “Inorder to survive,the poor and oppressed need the support of the other poor and oppressed’’.(Rudali p.82) Horoa when grown up is taken to Lachman singh to work. Exploitation is hereditary to both the subaltern and the exploiter. Though corporal punishment is banned,Horoa is kicked and beat by Lachman singh with his slipper. Brutality and callous nature of ruling elite on subaltern who work for their meager wages and food is unbearable to Horoa’s young blood and he flees away with a music band. While searching for her grandson in a marketplace she meets her childhood friend Bikhni, who becomes a companion to sanichari. From then on the story undergoes a transformation where both the friends become professional Rudalis.Though sanichari was against Rudali’s profession in the beginning, she is forced to become a Rudali because of material constraints. Subalterns body, mind ,spirit are dominated by the ruling elite. Her tears which must be used for her emotional

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