theories of sociology

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the three basic theories of sociology. The three basic theories of sociology are functional, conflict, and symbolic interactionism. These theories are studied on the micro or macro level. The micro level is the sum of interactions between people and groups. The micro level analysis is based on small groups and individuals versus the macro level which is viewed on a larger scale and looks at society as a whole. In the functional theory members of society share a common interest of values, beliefs, and behavioral expectations. In the conflict theory there is a constant struggle between resources and …show more content…

One change or shift in society can either make optimal opportunities to the community or create the start of a downward spiral. I have found that all three theories are based on society and how an individual person or a group of people acts or behaves greatly affects each of these theories. It is amazing the amount of changes that a person can go through by having to deal with social changes.
Lastly, in order to explain which theory best describes our social reality we need to define what social reality means. Social reality is basically created through social interactions, individual motives, and actions. It is a little difficult for me to choose one theory that relates to our social reality that we live in today. I feel that we could easily fall under each theory depending on the circumstances. The functionalist theory is made up of different parts that all work together like a puzzle to build stability or a strong foundation. This theory involves


families and large communities that have a strong bond formed to support one another. We must support and invest in our schools and churches to make a difference in our community. If we lose our church due to lack of finances then our community could lose its faith. The conflict theory is generally when there is a struggle for resources. Let’s face it, today we as a society are struggling with obtaining resources needed as the

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