Concepts And Ideas Of Sociology

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Concepts and ideas discussed in sociology has helped me to understand more about others and our surroundings. Agents of socialization are associated within our daily lives; Family, culture, schooling, religion, and media all has a meaning and plays a major role in society influencing who we are. No matter how wealthy or poor one might be. Everyone has influence over each other through the glass looking self, an individual have multiple perceptions of himself uniquely created form one person to the next. In certain situations individuals tend to put on acts to retain professionalism, through the theory of dramaturgy it is safe to say people are not what they seem to be. No individual is a loner everyone is connected directly and indirectly in a way. For instance money a Social Construct that we of society all agree upon and given it a universal meaning. The existence of the word racism points out that every individual belongs somewhere.

An important choice I plan to make in the future is to purse medical school. Social institution that influenced me in making such decision is family, formal education and mass media. Family played a role in my decision constantly being told to be successful in the future. Mass media has tough me that in order to be successful you need a high paying occupation. Formal education has changed my view as to why I choose to purse medical school.

When Social factors grow to a large scale it can indeed influence social constructed ideas. The norms

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