thermo electric powered car Essay

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This concept behind the project is thermoelectric generation that has been known from sometime, but the practical implementation of this concept is quite difficult. The idea behind this project is to make a Car that is powered by thermoelectric source, i.e. to build a car that moves with temperature difference. This concept has not been explored earlier but a lot of research can be done in this regard. We will be presenting a practically running model of a car driven by a simple heat source with the help of thermoelectric generator.
The world wastes a lot of heat. Between half and two-thirds of the fuel we burn to create energy is dissipated as heat into the atmosphere.
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For example, a typical engine producing 100 kilowatts of driveshaft power expels 68 kilowatts of heat energy through the radiator and 136 kilowatts through the exhaust. The possibilities of where and how to utilize this lost energy are explored with this project. The solution of recovering heat energy from the car engine through a thermoelectric generator using peltier plates has been proposed. This electricity generated through the thermoelectric generator from waste heat of the engine could be used to charge the car batteries or operate any electrical device within or outside the car. Also, in other application of this thermoelectric generator that is, Electricity generation from glaciers / ice is another alternative for electricity generation through other non –renewable resources of electricity and yet to be explored. The idea behind this project is to utilize a small temperature difference between the ice / cold water and some atmospheric heat to produce electricity and drive a car using this electricity by designing an efficient thermoelectric powered car.
The efficiency of an ATEG is governed by the thermoelectric conversion efficiency of the materials and the thermal efficiency of the two heat exchangers. The ATEG efficiency can be expressed as: ζOV = ζCONV х ζHX х ρ
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