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1. There is no singular purpose of leadership.

2. Influence can cause some behavior in some person for a specific purpose based on a power base.

3. Michael LeBoeuf refers to organizational theory, industrial engineering, and behavioral science as the dynamic triangle.

4. Conceptual skills are more operational than managerial.

5. Universal theories search for an explanation of leadership unrelated to follower behavior or the social environment within which it develops.

6. Robert Tannenbaum and Warren Schmidt identified four basic leadership styles.

7. Leaders who are effective can be described as one-dimensional.

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b. separately
c. discretely
d. disjointedly
e. none of the above

10. According to Souryal, the essence of managerial leadership lies in an administrator 's ability to identify
a. the nuances of functional leadership
b. the needs of people in work groups c. areas of compromise
d. a zone of credibility
e. none of the above

11. Organizational humanists believe the role of the managerial leader is to create conditions that allow people to achieve their own goals by directing their productive efforts toward _______ participation.
a. full
b. mandated
c. altruistic
d. liberated
e. none of the above

12. Effective managerial leaders display
a. idiosyncratic traits
b. charismatic qualities
c. an assumed role
d. functionality
e. none of the above

13. The leadership skills associated with good management can be organized under the headings
a. specialized
b. abstract
c. human
d. innate
e. proactive

14. The managerial leader 's capacity to deal effectively with problems even though the lack of information might preclude making a totally informed choice from among the available alternatives is known as
a. anomic adaptability
b. tolerance for ambiguity
c. rational

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