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Two children play a balance game. A 4-meter long board is placed atop a fulcrum (the triangel on the figure below). A child of weight 300 N stands at the far and of the beam on the right. If the other child weighs 400 N, how far from the fulcrum must he stand to keep the board leveled?

400 N
300 N

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400 N 300 N


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given information:

Length of the beam (L) = 4 m

Weight of the child standing at the far end (w1) = 300 N

Weight of the other child (w2) = 400 N

The distance of the right end from furculum (l1) = 2 m

The distance from the furculum where the other boy has to stand (l2) =?

Step 2

For the system to be in equilibrium the moment caused by both the boys ...

Wil wl2
300(2) 400(2
12 1.5 m

Image Transcriptionclose

Wil wl2 w2l2 300(2) 400(2 12 1.5 m


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