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7.a) When you measured the 2M HCl, why is the volume reading of the graduated cylinder different than the dispensette setting?

b) Why is the discrepancy not relevant?


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Step 1

In chemistry there are many ways to check the deviation of experimental data from the accurate value. These different methods provide difference between accuracy and precisions of the experimental data which can be further used to calculate the error percentage in the experiment.


Step 2

A graduated cylinder is a laboratory equipment that is used to measure the volume of a liquid in chemistry laboratory. It has different marked line which represents the amount of liquid that has been measured.

In a graduated cylinder the volume is read with the surface of the liquid at eye level. The measurement line is shown by the center of the meniscus.

Step 3

Part (a) The volume reading of the graduate cylinder is different from dispensette because cylinder is not so accurate and the reading varies with the eye level and meniscus setting. On the co...

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