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A block of mass m = 5.6 kg is pulled up a θ = 24° incline as in the figure below with a force of magnitude F = 38 N.

(a) Find the acceleration of the block if the incline is frictionless. (Give the magnitude of the acceleration.)

(b) Find the acceleration of the block if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and incline is 0.11. (Give the magnitude of the acceleration.)


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Step 1



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Mass of block,m 5.6 Kg Force,F 38 N 0-24°

Step 2

Part (a):

When the surface is frictionless then forces acting on the component are shown below,


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mg sin e mg cose mg

Step 3

Acceleration of block using Newton&rs...


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F-mg sin ma 38- (56)(9.80)sin 24° - (5.6)а 15.67 5.6 а32.799 m/s? a 2.8 m/s2


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