Asked Feb 21, 2020

A compound composed of 2.1% H, 29.8% N, and 68.1% O
has a molar mass of approximately 50 g/mol. (a) What
is the molecular formula of the compound? (b) What is
its Lewis structure if H is bonded to O? (c) What is the geometry
of the molecule? (d) What is the hybridization of
the orbitals around the N atom? (e) How many s and how
many π bonds are there in the molecule?


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Step 1

Since you have posted question with multiple sub-parts, we are entitled to answer the first 3 only.

Step 2

a) assuming we have 1 mole of Compound

Hence mass of compound = moles X molar mass = 50 X 1 = 50 gm

since 2.1 % of it H => mass of H = 0.021 X 50 = 1 gm

29.8 % of it is N => mass of N = 0.298 X 50 = 14.9 gm 

68.1 5 of it is O => mass of O = 0.6...

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