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A physicist examines 4 seawater samples for iron concentration. The mean iron concentration for the sample data is 0.185 cc/cubic meter with a standard deviation of 0.0446. Determine the 80% confidence interval for the population mean iron concentration. Assume the population is approximately normal.

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Find the critical value that should be used in constructing the confidence interval. Round your answer to three decimal places.


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Step 1

Given data

Sample size(n) = 4

Sample mean = 0.185 cc/cubic

Sample standard deviation = 0.0446



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C.I: x+ to.2 CO4-1" Vn 0.0446 (0. 148, 0. 2215) => 0.185 ± 1.638 × V4 T.INV. 2T(0.2,3)) 1.638(From eхсel to.2 2,4-1


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