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  1. A population of 238 cichlid fish are sampled and genotyped. Below is the distribution of genotypes. Calculate the probability that the recessive allele will become fixed due to drift alone.



Number of individuals










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Step 1

In a given population of 238 cichlid fish, the distribution of genotypes is:

MM (homozygous dominant) = 224

Mm (heterozygous) = 12

Mm (homozygous recessive) = 2

Step 2

The probability at any time that an allele will ultimately become fixed is simply its frequency in the population. So we have to calculate the frequency of the recessive allele. That means allele ‘m’.

2х тm + Mmт
frequency of allele 'm'.
2x total
2x2 12
frequency of 'm' =
2х 238
= 0.033
frequency of 'm'=

Image Transcriptionclose

2х тm + Mmт frequency of allele 'm'. 2x total 2x2 12 frequency of 'm' = 2х 238 16 = 0.033 476 frequency of 'm'=

Step 3

found frequency of allele ‘m’=0.033

So the probability of recessive allele ‘m’ is also 0.033 or 3.3%

That means alle...

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