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A ray of light passes from one material into a material with
a higher index of refraction. Determine whether each of
the following quantities increases, decreases, or remains
unchanged. Indicate your answers with I, D, or U, respectively.
(a) The ray’s angle with the normal. (b) The light’s
wavelength. (c) The light’s frequency. (d) The light’s speed.
(e) The photon energy.


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Step 1

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According to Snell's law, nį sin 01 = n2 sin 02 %3D Here, ni is the refractive index of the first medium n2 is the refractive index of the second medium 01 is the angle of the ray of light with the normal in the first medium 02 is the angle of the ray of light with the normal in the second medium As n increases, the angle 0 decreases to keep the product n sin 0 constant.

Step 2

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The speed of light in a medium is, v = = Af Here, c is the speed of light n is the refractive index A is the wavelength f is the frequency As n increases, the speed and the wavelength decrease as the frequency remains unchanged. As the light travels from one medium to another, its frequency doesn't change.


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