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A satellite is sent into a stable circular orbit with a velocity of 0.1 km/s. Determine the orbit altitude in km if the planet mass and radius are 3.6 E21 kg and 4500 km, respectively.

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Step 1

In the orbit, the gravitational force provides the centripetal force to the satellite for revolution in orbit.

GMm mv*

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GMm mv* GM r

Step 2

Substitute 6.67×10-11N.m2/kg2 for G, 3.6×1021kg for M and 0.1×103m/s for v to find the radius of the orbit.

(6.67x10-11N.m2 Akg2 3.6x1021kg)
(0.1-10 m/s)
r =2.4x104 km

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(6.67x10-11N.m2 Akg2 3.6x1021kg) 2 (0.1-10 m/s) r =2.4x104 km

Step 3

The equation for the orbital al...

r = R+h
h r-R

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r = R+h h r-R


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