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Abnormal chromosome division during mitosis can result in 47,XXX syndrome. Which statement regarding 47,XXX syndrome is FALSE?

-Those with 47,XXX syndrome have 3 copies of chromosome 47

-Thise with 47,XXX may have interllectual disabilities

-47,XXX syndrome occurs only in the female sex

-47,XXX results in a mosaic phenotype 


Expert Answer

Step 1

Trisomy X or 47,XXX or triple X syndrome, is the presence of an additional X chromosome. Usually, female have two sets of x chromosome one from father and one from mother. Female with three x chromosome are said to have trisomy or 47,XXX.

Step 2

Female with 47, XXX have delay in development, learning disability, or speech delay, behavioral and emotional difficulties. They may have renal and genitourinary malformations. These female seems to be tall stature.

Step 3

Mosaic phenotype results in Turner syndrome it is a chromosomal condition that affects de...

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