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 And iron ore contains 58.0% iron oxide. Iron constitute 70.0% of iron oxide. How much iron is there in 20,000 kg of this ore?


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Given, an iron contains 58.0% of iron oxide which means 100 g of iron ore contain 58 g of iron oxide. Therefore, 20000 kg of iron ore will contain 11600 kg iron oxide.


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58 g of iron oxide 100 g of iron ore contains 58 g20000 x 10' g 20000 x 103 g of iron ore contains 100 g = 116 x 105 g = 11600 kg

Step 2

Also given, iron constitute 70.0% of iron oxide. Since, 20000 kg of iron ore contains 11...


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Mass of iron 70.0% of iron oxide 70 11600 kg 8120 kg Mass of iron 100


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