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<p>Which element has the higher ionization energy, Cu or Au?


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The elements in a modern periodic table are arranged in an increasing order of their atomic number. In the modern periodic table, the horizontal rows are known as periods and vertical columns are known as groups.


The trends within the periodic table describe the change in the properties such as atomic size, ionization energy, metallic character etc. within a group or in a period.

Step 2

The energy required for the removal of an electron of an atom from its gaseous state is known as ionization energy. Higher the ionization energy, more difficult is to remove an electron from an atom.

Step 3

The given elements are Cu and Au. They both belong to the same group; that is group 11 but different periods.


Generally, on moving down the group, ionization energy decreases but in this case Au has higher ionization energy than copper due to weak shielding effect of 4f electrons which is present in Au.


On moving down the group, the third ...

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