Asked Oct 22, 2019

Arrange the following three frequencies of light in order of increasing energy per photon. 
a.) 100 MHz

B.) 10 MHz

C.) 100 GHz


Expert Answer

Step 1


The frequencies of the photon

  1. 100MHz
  2. 10 MHz
  3. 100 GHz

Objective is to find the energy of the light photons

Step 2

To find the energy of the photon, when frequency is given


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E=hv where h is the Plank's Constant v is the frequency

Step 3

a)  When the freq...


Image Transcriptionclose

E hv -6.63x1034 J-s x 100MHZ -6.63 x 1034J-s x100 x 106 s 6.63 x 106 J


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