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Calculate the cell potential (Ecell) for the following lead concentration cell at 298 K.

[Pb2+] = 0.00100 M || [Pb2+] = 0.500 M


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Step 1

Given that,

Concentration of Pb+2 =0.00100M

Concentration of Pb+2 =0.500M

Step 2

The half cell reaction is


Image Transcriptionclose

reaction as anode Pb(s)Pb22e reaction as cathode Pb+2e Pb(s)

Step 3

Now, you calculate the...


Image Transcriptionclose

Pb РЬ RT EqE log nF cell +2 where E° 0 0.00100 log 2 0.059 Е. cell 0.500 -0.183 V


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