Asked Oct 25, 2019

Calculating focal length and focal length of a drone’s camera so that the length of the bridge on the CCD will be 2 millimeters? CCD = 1.35 mm 400 ft above a 30 m bridge. 


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Step 1

In lens, formula for the magnification is:


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h' -1 и 1m 2 mm 1000 mm -1 1m 30 m (400 ft) 3.28 ft 1 m 1m 400 ft 2 mm 1000 mm 3.28 ft 30 m =-0.00813 m 171

Step 2

Lens formula...


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1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 m (400 ft) -0.00813 m 3.28 ft 1 1 f 123 m f 123 D -1S


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