The chromatogram below show a separation of a mixture of 2 components injected in a 25
cm column at a flow rate of 0.4 mlmin-1

Answer the following questions :
a. Find the times that components A and B spend in the stationary phase.
b. Find the retention times for A and B.
c. Determine the retention factors for the two components.
d. Find the full widths of each peak and the full width at half maximum values.
e. Find the resolution of the two peaks.
f. Find the average number of plates for the column.
g. Find the average plate height.
h. What column length would be needed to achieve a resolution of 1.75?
i. What time would be required to achieve the resolution in part h.
j. Assume that the column length is fixed at 25 cm and the packing material is fixed. What
could you take to increase the resolution to achieve baseline separation?
k. Are there any measures you could use to achieve a better separation in a shorter time with
the same
column as in part j?


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