Asked Dec 18, 2019
  1. Describe two benefits of improving quality.

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Quality is the special trait possessed by a product that sa...

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Q: Distinguish between the sales values at splitoff method and the NRV method.

A: Sales value at split-off method: Sales value at split-off method allocates joint cost to each joint ...


Q: Distinguish between operating income and net income?

A: The main purpose of carrying on business operation is earning profits or income. It is the incentive...


Q: Problem 1 about Trading Securities Bank National investment manager invests some of its financial re...

A: 1.


Q: Describe the overtime-premium and idle-time categories of indirect labor?

A: Over-premium labor cost is the indirect cost of labor paid for the extra time of work to the labor.I...


Q: Explain equivalent units. why are equivalent-unit calculations necessary in process costing?

A: Each and every equivalent unit involves physical quantities of direct materials or conversion costs ...


Q: What kind of an account (asset, liability, etc.) is Allowance for Doubtful Accounts, and is its norm...

A: Allowance method: It is a method for accounting for uncollectible receivables, where uncollectible a...


Q: What are temporary accounts? Are temporary accounts closed in the closing process?

A: Temporary Accounts: At the end of an accounting period, the balance in the temporary accounts like r...


Q: What account is debited when recording a purchase of inventory when using the perpetual inventory sy...

A: Perpetual inventory system: The method or system of maintaining, recording, and adjusting the invent...


Q: How is the Income Summary account used? Is it a temporary or permanent account?

A: Income summary is an account which is prepared for closing accounts. It is prepared at the end of ye...