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Determine the number of moles of H2O produced when o8.607 mole of NH3 reacts according to the balanced reaction shown below.

4 NH3 + 5 O2 -> 4 NO + 6 H2O

* -> is supposed to be an arrow. 


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From the balanced equation, it is clear that 4 moles of NH3 reacts to give 6 moles of H2O. Thus, the number of moles...

4 moles of NH, -6 moles of H,O
8.607 mole of NH, ?
There fore
No. of mol of H,O produced = (8.607 mol NH,)(6 mol H,0)
(4 mol NH,)
12.9 mol H,O

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4 moles of NH, -6 moles of H,O 8.607 mole of NH, ? There fore No. of mol of H,O produced = (8.607 mol NH,)(6 mol H,0) (4 mol NH,) 12.9 mol H,O -


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