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  • Dinucleotide is obtained by joining two nucleotides together by phosphodiester linkage. Between which carbon atoms of pentose sugars of nucleotides are these linkages present?

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Dinucleotide is obtained by joining two nucleotides together by phosphodiester linkage.

These linkages are present between 5’ and 3’ carbon atoms of pentose sugars ...


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ен, снь, -О-Р-О-СН 0. -0-P-0- CH2 0 Base Base н Н нн н Н3 Н н .ОН ОН ОН (Phosphodiester linkage) -0-P=0 -0-P-0- CH2 0 CH2 0 Base ´Base Н н Н Н Н н H3 ОН ОН н ОН ОН Nucleotide (2 moles) (Formation of dinucleotide) O=PIA


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