Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry - 9th Edition - by Spencer L. Seager, Michael  R. Slabaugh, Maren S. Hansen - ISBN 9781305960060
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Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, ...
9th Edition
Spencer L. Seager, Michael R. Slabaugh, Maren S. Hansen
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305960060

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Distinguished by its superior allied health focus and integration of technology, the Ninth Edition of Seager, Slabaugh and Hansen's CHEMISTRY FOR TODAY: GENERAL, ORGANIC, and BIOCHEMISTRY meets the needs of today's diverse students with varied applications, examples, boxed features, interactive technology tools, and real-life case studies. CHEMISTRY FOR TODAY dispels students' inherent fear of chemistry and instills an appreciation for the role that chemistry plays in students' daily lives through a rich pedagogical structure and an accessible writing style with lucid explanations. The book also provides greater support in both problem-solving and critical-thinking skills - two key skills necessary for student success. By demonstrating the importance of chemistry concepts to their future careers, the authors not only help students set goals, but also help them focus on achieving them. Available with OWLv2, the most trusted online learning solution for chemistry.

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An unstable substance which emits high energy radiations by decay process of atom is known as...Organic compounds are compounds in which one or more carbon atoms are linked by covalent bonds....In unsaturated hydrocarbons, there is either double bond or triple bond present between the adjacent...An alcohol is produced when the hydrogen atom of a hydrocarbon is replaced by a hydroxyl group (−OH...An aldehyde consists of a carbonyl group that is single bonded to minimum one hydrogen atom, whereas...The carboxylic acid functional group has a carbon atom bonded to an oxygen atom by a double bond and...In primary amines, one of the hydrogen atoms of ammonia is replaced by alkyl or aryl group. The...The important roles of carbohydrates in living organisms are given below. • Carbohydrates are the...Lipids are one of those macromolecular substances that are present in the living cell. Lipid...Carboxylic acids are named by adding the suffix –oic acid to the name of the base alkane. The name...Enzymes being the catalysts increase the rate of the reaction within the body. In an...Nucleosome refers to a repetitive chromatin structural unit in eukaryotic cells that contains a...The human body requires adequate amount of dietary fiber in addition to nutrients for proper...The central substance in metabolism is glucose. Glucose is the key food for most organisms. The...Fat is a triglyceride which is a significant and primary source of energy in the body. The caloric...The approximate volume of fluids that is present in the body is 40 L. Most of these fluids are...

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