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Willingness to sell is the minimum price that a...

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Q: Law of increasing opportunity cost: a. Explain it. b. What does it teach us? c. How could it be e...

A: a)Law of increasing opportunity cost: As production of one good (say X) increases, the opportunity c...


Q: What formulas do I use to get all the movies ranked by real dollars terms (2019 dollars)?

A: To do ranking by real dollar terms.


Q: I need help with question 7.

A: The correct option for the above-mentioned question is option (c)


Q: Que 1. In December, the price of Christmas trees rises and the quantity of trees sold also rises. Is...

A: Law of demand states that, if other things remaining the same as price of a commodity increases quan...


Q: If your goal was to have the largest amount of money in your bank account in two years, which of the...

A: The individual has to invest a certain amount for a period of two, which of the following will give ...


Q: (Use for questions 1 - 3): Two soap producers, the Fortnum Company and the Maison Company, can stres...

A: Dominant strategy: The dominant strategy is that the each firm has the better choice, or the outcome...


Q: 1. Which of the following is not included in the consumption component of GDP? Group of answer choic...

A: 1. The consumption component of GDP includes consumption of services, consumption of durable goods a...


Q: On the basis of the three Individual demand schedules below, and assuming these three people are the...

A: Public good is a good that is provided free of cost to all the members of the society without any pr...


Q: What is the difference between Elastic and Inelastic?

A: Difference between elastic and inelastic:Elastic demand: The elastic demand refers to that the small...

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