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A 32.0−g sample of an unknown metal at 99
C was placed in a constant-pressure calorimeter containing 80.0 g of water at 24.0
C. The final temperature of the system was found to be 28.4
C. Calculate the specific heat of the metal. (The heat capacity of the calorimeter is 10.4 J/

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Step 1


Mass of sample = 32.0 g

T = 99 0C

Mass of water = 80

T of water = 240C

Final T = 28.40C

Heat capacity of the calorimeter is 10.4 J/ °C

specific heat of the metal = ?

Step 2

Heat lost by metal = mass x specific heat x temperature change of metal

                              = 32 X Specific heat X (99 – 24)

Assume that the specific heat = c and simplify,

Heat lost by metal = 2400 C


Heat gained by water = mass x specific heat x temperature change of water

                                   = 80 X 4.184 X (28.4 - 24.0) 


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