Explain how to determine if two functions are inverses of each other?

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Q: 2 10 Consider the function ƒ(x) : x3 x7 Let F(x) be the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1) = 0. Then F...

A: We have to integral the given function and find the constant of integration.

Q: Limit Laws and abstract functions: If lim f(x) = 21 and lim g(x) = 3, calculate X+5 1) lim f(x) – g(...

A: Explanation of the solution is given below...

Q: The temperature of the engine of an armored personnel carrier returning from an exercise from 100 ° ...

A: Assume the given terms and use integration to determine the relation between temperature T and time ...

Q: 15098/8=?

A: 15098 divided by 8

Q: Can you solve this ?

A: The given integration is  ∫-∞-1dxx2+4x+5  

Q: The plane containing the point (-4,1,3) and parallel to the plane 4x + 7y – 3z = 2 has equation Ar +...

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Q: Evaluate the following using the limit theorems.

A: Given, limx→22x-6-x4-x2

Q: Perform the row operation R1↔ R2 on the matrix below.   1 −3 5 3 −4 −8

A: To perform the row operation R1↔ R2 on the matrix below

Q: (x if x1 lim f(x) X-1

A: Limit definition

Q: Differentiate.

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Q: Find an equation of the sphere with center (1, -8, 3) and radius 5. Use an equation to describe its ...

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Q: X Find | dx x²+8x+12


Q: + 9x² d²y dy + 6x- 6y = | dx2 dx

A: Differential eq: Put z=logxdzdx=1xdydx=dydzdxdz      =dydz.1xd2ydx2=-dydz1x2+1x2.d2ydz2x2d2ydx2=d2yd...

Q: 2. if 2x3 +10 x?siny-y"tanx = 0 ノ the y' so dy write ex pressin in terms of X and y.

A: Applying implicit derivative we have 

Q: For the following exercise, find the average rate of change of each function on the interval specifi...

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Q: What is Arccot(-/3) if 0 < 0 < T?

A: Given that  arccot-3=? It is known that  arccot-x=π-arccot x So, arccot-3=π-arccot3=π-π6=5π6

Q: For the Ellipse 4x+y-32x-18 y=-120 Find the following: The center is = The upper Vertex is ( The low...

A: We are given the equation of ellipse 4x2+y2-32x-18y+120=0 Re- writing the above equation in the stan...

Q: Find the relative extrema of f(x) = (x − 1) cosh x − sinh x.

A: Maxima and minima: f(x)=(x-1)coshx-sinhx f'(x)=(x-1)sinhx+coshx-coshx f'(x)=(x-1)sinhx f''(x)=(x-1)c...

Q: Evaluate the limit 33 – - lim s-1 s2 – 1

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Q: Let a = (2, 4, 6) and b = (4, 2, 4). - (å – 6) × (å + 6)

A: Given: a→=2i^+4j^-6k^ b→=4i^+2j^+4k^ a→-b→=2i^+4j^-6k^-4i^+2j^+4k^          =-2i^+2j^-10k^ a→+b→=2...

Q: See attached, please.  Thank you for a step by step answer.

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Q: Search Bb Upload Assignmer X UTF-8"Test%202%2C9 X Cengage Digital L

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Q: 8) Based on the graph of y = g(t) below, state the value of each limit if it exists. If it does not ...

A: We have to find the limit for the following with the help of the graph. We are answering only the fi...

Q: Evaluate the limit lim 5(4x + 4)° x →7 3

A: Given, limx→7 54x+43  We have to evaluate limit.  

Q: Solve part (b) only

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Q: Use substitution to determine whether the given x-value is a solution of the equation: sin x = √2/2,...

A: Here given  sin x =22orsin x=12  

Q: Find the value of m that makes m 2 a) f(x) = continous at x= 0. tan x- sin x x>0 b) Show that the eq...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Write an equation of the tangent line to the curve x2+y2-25=0 at the point (3,4).

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Determine whether the following limits is continuous or discontinuous at a given point a and tell wh...

A: Given function is: f(x) = 2x - 1; when x &lt; 0 f(x) = x^2 + 4x - 1; when x &gt;= 0 Let f(x) be cont...

Q: Find the value of the trigonometric function: cos (-π/4).

A: Given:cos-π4

Q: if y=In(arctan (2 x)), dy=? XP

A: Given, y = lnarctan2x  We have to find the value of dydx

Q: f(x) = x2 - 7x - 4 at (-1, 4). Solve, a. Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f at the...

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Q: A chemical manufacturer wants to lease a fleet of 28 railroad tank cars with a combined carrying cap...

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Q: What limit must be calculated to find the rate of change of a function g(t) at t = t0?

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Q: V16 - x - Determine the domain and range of y = %3D x - 2

A: y=16-x2x-2 Now domain is the set of all values of x for which, 16-x2≥0  &amp;  x-2≠0⇒x2≤16  &amp;  x...

Q: Can you solve this ?

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Q: 2 Evaluate J V 21 + 12x – 9x dx

A: Given,        ∫21+12x-9x2dx

Q: Solve dy/dx =(4x+y+1)2,If y(0)=1

A: dydx=4x+y+12 Now let, 4x+y+1=t Differentiating with respect to x, we get 41+dydx+0=dtdx⇒dydx=dtdx-4 ...

Q: 4

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Q: Solve the polynomial inequality x3 + 7x2 - x - 7 &lt; 0 and graph the solution set on a real number ...

A: Given: x3+7x2-x-7&lt;0 For finding solution of given inequality, we first simplifying given expressi...

Q: 7. a) Prove that for r > 0 * (E) + c. Vr2 – r²dx = vr² – x² + sin -1 +C. 2

A: To prove: ∫r2-x2dx=x2r2-x2+r22sin-1xr+C