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The force acting on a particle varies as in the figure below. (The x axis is marked in increments of 5.00 m.)

Find the work done by the force as the particle moves across the following distances.

(a) from x = 0 m to x = 40.0 m

(b) from x = 40.0 m to x = 60.0 m

(c) from x = 0 m to x = 60.0 m

F, (N)
x (m)

Image Transcriptionclose

F, (N) B. x (m) -2 4.


Expert Answer

Step 1

the work done is area under the curve


the work done is w=0.5*b*h.

where b is base of the triangle ABC and h is the height.

substitute the values from the graph

W=0.5*40 m*6N

=120 J

Step 2


Refer the triangle CDE,

the work done is



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