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A soap film is held vertically in air and is viewed in reflected light as in Figure CQ24.14. Explain why the film appears to be dark at the top.

Figure CQ24.14
Andraw Lambart Photographw/Science Source

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Figure CQ24.14 Andraw Lambart Photographw/Science Source


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Step 1

Step 1 

The film appears dark when held vertically in air and viewed in the reflected light because of the reasons mentioned ahead.

Step 2

Step 2 

Due to gravity, the soap film tends to sag in its holder, being quite thin at the top and becoming thicker as one moves toward the bottom of the holding ring. Because light reflecting from the front surface of the film experiences a phase reversal, and light reflecting from the back surface of the film does not, the film must be a minimum of a half wavelength thicker befo...

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