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Find and interpret the horizontal and vertical intercepts for the following height equation.

Round your answers to two decimal places when necessary.

h=-16t2+68t+3 (h is in feet and t is in seconds)

The initial height is  Enter your answer; The initial height is _ feet feet and the object hits the ground after Enter your answer; the object hits the ground after _ seconds seconds.



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-16t2 +68t + 3 h(t) For horizontal intercepts put h(t) 0, we get . -16t2 68t +3 = 0 Now, solving for t by using quadratic formula -68+682-4x(-16)x3 t 2(-16) -68+ 4816 t -32 -68+4816 t 32

Step 2

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-68+v4816 -68-4816 t 32 32 t =-0.0436,4.2936 t-0.04, 4.29 Since, time cannot be negative so t 4.29 seconds after which the object hits the ground and horizontal intercept is 4.29 For vertical intercepts put t = 0, we get h(0) 16(0)2 68(0)3 3 ft. So, the initial height of the object is 3 ft and vertical intercept is 3.


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