Find the distance along an arc on the surface of the earth that subtends a central angle of 2 minutes (1 minute = 1/60 degree). The radius of the earth is 3960 miles. Round to the thousandths.

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Q: Solve the following equation on the interval [0,2m) V3 cot(3x)

A: Consider the provided equation on the given interval  [0, 2) .

Q: Solve the following equation on the interval [0,2x) cot(3x) 0

A: It is known that, cosx is zero when x is of the form  π/2+(2πn) or 3π/2+(2πn).

Q: Trigonometry Question

A: Formula used:1) loga - logb = log(a/b)2) loga = logb then a= b

Q: Sin(-

A: To evaluate the value of the sine function a the the given point

Q: Please help

A: Result used:Corresponding angles of similar triangles are congruent.Corresponding sides of similar t...

Q: solve this equation, csc2θ - 2cot θ = 4

A: The given equation is csc2θ – 2cot θ = 4.

Q: If the shadow cast by a 600 feet tall tree is 1648.48 feet, find the angle (to the nearest tenth of ...

A: Let AB represents the tree and BC represents the shadow, Then angle C is the angle of elevation of s...

Q: prove identy show steps sinx/1-cosx  - 1/sinx = cotx

A: To prove the given identity, we are taking left hand side,

Q: 8. Suppose ABC is a right triangle with side lenghts a, b and c and right angle at C. Find the unkow...

A: It is given that, ABC is the triangle with right angle at C.The length of the sides are denoted by a...

Q: form an identity by the following equation 4cos2t + 3sin2t

A: We are given trigonometric expression as 

Q: Simplify the following

A: To evaluate the given trigonometric function as an expression in x

Q: Find the exact value of the expressions cos(a B), sin(a B) and tan(a + B) under the following condit...

A: Given, 

Q: Use the given information to find the exact value of a. sin 20, b. cos 20, and c. tan 20. 28 cos 0 0...

A: Given,  

Q: Can someone explain me how to solve this equation?

A: Let us simplify the expression given.

Q: Calculate (−1+i)5  . Give your answer in a+bi form.

A: Given, 

Q: Find tan(s+t) given that sins=1/4 with s in Q2, and sin t= -1/2 with t in QIV

A: To find tan(s+t).The formula for find  tan(s+t).

Q: 6 sin(x) + 2 cos(x) = 0

A: We are given trigonometric equation as 

Q: Use the given information to find the exact value of each of the following. a. sin 20 b. cos 20 c. t...

A: Given, 

Q: Two planes take off at the same time from an airport. The first plane is flying at 260 miles per hou...

A: The diagram is on the board .First we find the distance after 2 hours .Then we use pythagorean formu...

Q: verify identity cos 2a = cot a - tan a/csc a . sec a

A: The given identity is,

Q: Ferris Wheels A neighborhood carnival has a Ferris wheelwhose radius is 30 feet.You measure the time...

A: To calculate the linear and the angular speeds of the given motion

Q: without using the calculator evaluate : sin ϴ, cos ϴ, tan ϴ of  a) 450° b) 10?/3

A: Since, 360 degrees + thita lies in first quadrant, so values of sine, cos and tan is positive as sho...

Q: tanx/1+secx+1+secx/tanx=2cscx

A: Given,  

Q: solve equation sin2θ = -cos2θ

A: The equation can be written as,

Q: Two angles in standard position that have same terminal side are

A: by the definition of coterminal angles

Q: Solve the equation on the interval [0,2m) 3 sin (20) 2

A: We are given  trigonometric equation as 

Q: Please provide detailed solution easily understandable.

A: Step 1 : We have a right tringle with perpendicular sides 1, 12 . Slope =1/12 .By the tangent ratio ...

Q: -48" 48" 10. A concrete contractor wants to put a regular octagon at a 4-way intersection of a four ...

A: Firstly, we find D by using sine of an angle =height/hypotenuse,

Q: Use fundamental identities to simplify the expression  cosx-cosx sin^2 x

A: We have to simplify the expression.Expression is given below:

Q: Write the following numbers in the polar form reiθ, 0 ≤ θ < 2π.  a.) 1/4 b.) 8 + 8i c.) -4 - 4i  ...

A: a) Firstly, we express both sides in the form a+ib and then compare the real part and imaginary part...

Q: Evaluate  cos(2 arcsin 1/4)

A: Let us suppose that arcsin1/4=x, that is sinx=1/4, then we use formula for cos2x ,which is cos2x=1-2...

Q: csc120 degrees

A: We have to find value of csc(120).We know the relation between cscx and sinx .work is shown below

Q: write the given vector in terms of i and j. u= (-8,5).

A: It is given that, the vector u is, (–8, 5).Assume that, the symbol i represents the horizontal direc...

Q: 4

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Caluculate the square root of (2+4i). Give your answer in form a+bi. Give the solution with smallest...

A: We have to find square root of complex number(z).z is given below:

Q: The following equation involves multiple angles. Solve the equation on the interval [0, 2T) V3 cos 4...

A: Given, 

Q: Consider the following 4 force vectors:50.0 Newton's, due east10.0 Newton's, due east40.0 Newton's,...

A: Let us consider a force vector acting along east as positive and that acting along west as negative....

Q: Please explain the solution in a clear manner, step by step.

A: We have to find measure of angle A in degree.Where AC and BC are measured in feet and inches .sides ...

Q: Hi, please help me with #21 in the attached image.

A: Let the given statement be P(n).So for the first step, we prove that P(1) is true.

Q: We are trying to prove identities

A:  Proof:The given Trigonometric identity is 2 tan(x)/(1+sec(x)) + (2+2sec(x))/tan(x)= 4csc(x)The left...

Q: -2 0.1 2 3 4 5 6 (a) Using the following graph of f (x)-2 to sketch the graph of F(x) = f(x-1) + 2. ...

A: It is given that the graph of f(x).Claim is to sketch the function f(x-1)+2.