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Find the following probability for the standard normal random variable z. a.​P(z=3)e.​P(−3 less than or equals≤zless than or equals≤33​)b.​P(z less than or equal to 3)f.​P(−2 less than or equals≤zless than or equals≤2)c.​P(zless than<3)g.​P(negative 2.37−2.37less than or equals≤zless than or equals≤0.930.93​)d.​P(zgreater than>3)h.​P(negative 0.37−0.37less than<zless than<1.571.57​)

Find the following probability for the standard normal random variable z.
P(3 less than or equalszless than or equals33)
P(z less than or equal to 3)
P(2 less than or equalszless than or equals2)
P(zless than<3)
P(negative 2.372.37less than or equalszless than or equals0.930.93)
P(zgreater than>3)
P(negative 0.370.37less than<zless than<1.571.57)
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Hello there! there are more than 3 sub parts in the question. According to our policies can answer 3 sub parts. Please do find the solution for a,b,c. If you have doubts in other parts of question, kindly request as a new question.

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we need to find the probability for P(Z=3)

We use Z table to find the cumulative probabilities. Here it ...

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