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Find the minimum sample size n needed to estimate muμ for the given values of​ c, sigmaσ​, and E. c=0.95​,σ=8.1​, and E=2


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Step 1

The formula for the minimum sample size is as follows:


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Z a/2 XC Here, Z2 is the critical value at 95% confidence level, o is the population standard deviation and E is the margin of error.

Step 2

Computing the sample size:

It is given that c=0.95. That is, the confidence level is 95%.

Therefore, α = 0.05.

In this case, α/2=0.025, 1– α/2 = 0.975.

From the EXCEL, using the formula, =NORM.INV (0.975, 0,1), the c...


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2 1.96x 8.1 n 2 2 2(7.938) 263.0118 64


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