Fixed Investments include new construction and new capital goods.How do I do GDP Calculation on a spreadsheet ?Indirect Business Taxes600Depreciation 950Net change in Business Inventory50Compensation of Employees5,400Corporate Profits700Durable Goods600Local Government Spending250Exports100Social Security Taxes360Transfer Payments300Fixed Investments950Total Government Spending800Imports150State Government Spending250Net Interest500Non-durable Goods2,000Personal Taxes1,000Rental Income200Services 4,000Federal Government Spending300

Asked Mar 10, 2019

 Fixed Investments include new construction and new capital goods.

How do I do GDP Calculation on a spreadsheet ?

Indirect Business Taxes 600
Depreciation  950
Net change in Business Inventory 50
Compensation of Employees 5,400
Corporate Profits 700
Durable Goods 600
Local Government Spending 250
Exports 100
Social Security Taxes 360
Transfer Payments 300
Fixed Investments 950
Total Government Spending 800
Imports 150
State Government Spending 250
Net Interest 500
Non-durable Goods 2,000
Personal Taxes 1,000
Rental Income 200
Services  4,000
Federal Government Spending 300

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GDP calulation can be s...


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