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For the chemical reaction shown,


determine how many grams of N2 are produced from the reaction of 8.118.11 g of H2O2 and 5.695.69 g of N2H4.

N2 produced:

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Step 1

For the given chemical reaction, the grams of N2 that are produced from the reaction of 8.11 g of H2O2 and 5.69 g of N2H4 are to be determined.


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The given reaction is - 2H,O, ()N,H (1) ->4H,O(g) +N,(g)

Step 2

Determine the moles of H2O2 and N2H4-

Given mass of H2O2 = 8.11 g

Molar mass of H2O2 = 34.0 g/mol

Given mass of N2H4 = 5.69 g

Molar mass of N2H4 = 32.0 g/mol


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Given mass of H.O, 8.11 g Moles of H.O2 Molar mass of H,02 34.0 g/mol :. Moles of H,O, = 0.238 and Given mass of N^H 5.69 g Moles of N,H 4 Molar mass of N,H 32.0 g/mol . Moles of N,H, = 0.178

Step 3

Identify the limiting reagent-

As per the balanced equation, 2 moles of H2O2 reacts with 1 mole of N2H4.

Thus, 0.238 moles of H2O2 wo...


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2 moles of H,O, reacts with 1 mole of N,H 0.238 moles of N,H :. 0.238 moles of H,O, would react with =0.119 2


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