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Formic acid, HFor, has a Ka value of 1.8x10-4. You need to prepare a buffer having a pH of 3.25 from 0.10M HFor solution and a ).10M NaFor solution. How many mL of the NaFor solution should you add to 20mL of the 0.10M HFor solution to make your buffer? 


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The pH of the solution can be defined as the measure of the molar concentration of the hydrogen ions present in the solution and is also used to express the acidity or basicity of the given solution.

Step 2

A buffer solution refers to an aqueous solution that consists of a mixture of a weak acid plus its conjugate base or it can be vice-versa also. They are used to keep the pH a constant value in a large variety of chemical reactions.

Step 3

In the given problem, the Ka value for formic acid is given to be 1.8×10-4.

The pH for the buffer solution which is needed to be prepared is given to be 3.2...


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[NaFor] pH pKg HFor]


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