Asked Sep 15, 2019

Given a set of normally distributed scores with the mean of 20.00 and SD of 5.00, what proportion of scores are 

a) between 10 and 28

b) between 15 and 32


Expert Answer

Step 1

We are given

μ = 20, σ = 5

a)We have to find P( 10 < x < 28 )

Step 2

We will find it using z value

First we find it for x = 10,

x- 10-20
= -2
Now for x 28
x-u28-20 1.6

Image Transcriptionclose

x- 10-20 = -2 Now for x 28 x-u28-20 1.6 5

Step 3

So,P ( 10 < x < 28 ) = P( -2 < z < 1.6 )

                                  = P( z < 1.6 ) – P( z < -2 ) ……… Using ...

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