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given the following hourly wages 3, 2, 10, calculate the following:

arithmetic mean




standard deviation

meaning of the answer (standard deviation)


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Step 1

Given data

3, 2, 10

Arithmetic mean  

The arithmetic mean (also called the meanis the most commonly used measure of central tendency. It is calculated by summing up the observed numerical values of a variable in a set of data and then by dividing the total by the number of observations involved.

 = (Σxi)/n  = (3+2+10)/3 = 5


The median is the middle-most observation in an ordered (in an ascending or descending order) data set. For an odd number of observations, n in the data set, the median is the observation in the (n + 1)/2th position. For an even number of observations, n in the data set, the median is the observation in the average of the observations in the (n/2)th position and the (n/2 + 1)th position


Median = 3

Step 2


Mode is the most frequently occurring value in the data set. Here we do not have a mode because each value occurs once.


It is difference between the highest and lowest valu...


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Σ(xx) (3 5)2(2 5)2 (10 5)2 4.359 2 n-1


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