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Physical Chemistry problem.

For equilibrium constant of the given reaction why is hydrogen and methane included and diamond excluded?

Conditions of the reaction are: temperature=298K and pressure=1000atm

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Cdamond) -e
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aril i 78670

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Step 1

Equilibrium constant is a constant value at constant temperature and determines the extent of equilibrium for a reaction. It is abbreviated as Kc or Kp, depending on whether concentrations or partial pressures of the reacting species are involved, respectively.

For a reaction :

aA (g) + bB (g) <------> cC (g) + dD (g)

Involving  concentrations, Kc = [C]c[D]d/[A]a[B]b

 Involving partial pressures, Kp =  (pC)c(pD)d/(pA)a(pB)b

In case, solutions are involved in reaction, these will be included in Kc but not in Kp.

Pure solids and pure liquids are not included in any of the expression.

Step 2

The given reaction, if maintains equilibrium, will be written as :

C(diamond) (s)  +   2H2 (g) <------>  CH4 (g)

Kp =  (pCH4)/(pH2)2

From the above expression, C (diamond) is excluded as it is a pure solid. It cannot have a partial pressure and so, it cannot be involved in the equilibrium expression.

Also, Kc = [CH4]/[H2]2

In this expression also, C(diamond...

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