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How can glass be a liquid if it’s so hard ? 


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Amorphous solid is defined as a type of solid which does not exhibit definite geometric crystalline shape. They do not exhibit long range order but exhibit short range order. In other words, amorphous solid is a type of non-crystalline solid in which the atoms and molecules are not arranged in a definite lattice pattern.

Solid is a state of matter having well-defined shape and definite volume but liquid is a state of matter having well-defined volume but its shape depends upon the shape of container.

Supercooled state is defined as a state at which a liquid is cooled below its freezing point without being converted into solid state.

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Glass is a type of amorphous solid which does not have definite geometric or crystalline shape but its molecules are disordered and rigidly bound to each other. Glass does not have definite volume as occurs in case of liquid but they ...

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