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How do you find standard divination?


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Step 1

Standard deviation:

For sample:

Let x1,x2…xn be the population observations of size n. The sample mean is denoted by µ. Hence, the sample standard deviation can be expressed as,

Step 2

For population:

Let x1,x2…xN be the population observations of size N. the population mean is denoted by. Hence, the population standard deviation can be expressed as,

Step 3

The procedure for finding population standard deviation with group data:

  • Step 1: Finding the mid points: For the first class, (a – b) , the lower limit is a and the upper limit is b. For the second class (c – d), the lower limit is c. Hence the mid-point is,((a + c)/2).
  • Step 2: For each class, the mean class will be subtracted from mid-point.
  • Step 3: The difference in step 2 will be squared and will be multiplied by the frequency.
  • Step 4 : Add all those values obtained.
  • Step 5: Find the sum of the frequencies.
  • Step 6: Substitute the value from step 4 in the numerator and the value form step 6 in denominator. Take the square root of the fraction. That value the population standard deviation.

    The procedure for finding sample standard deviation with group data:

    • Step 1: Find the grand mean of the data.
    • Step 2: Finding the mid points: For the first class, (a – b)...

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